Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Treatment

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We want you to get better - and stay better. Swift help by professional, qualified physiotherapists can be the best way forward for all sorts of life's problems.

You might be surprised at just how beneficial physiotherapy can be and the wide range of conditions it can help. It certainly isn't just for sportsmen and women - far from it. It's a fact that our bodies and modern life don't always get on with each other too well. Men, women and children of all ages and all walks of life can really gain a better quality of life from professional treatment and advice.

At Thames Valley Clinic we are able to assist you with the following problems:

If you've had an operation then physiotherapy and hydrotherapy can really help with recovery and rehabilitation. It can also help with day-to-day stress, tension, and those general aches and pains that sometimes bring us all down.

Strains, sprains, stiffness, dislocations, bruising, muscle, tendon and ligament injuries - from the minor to the more serious -are all problems our physiotherapists treat every day. You might have hurt yourself gardening or doing some DIY; you could have over-done it on the dance floor or tried too hard at the triathlon or, indeed, you might have done nothing in particular but you're troubled by a niggle ... Whatever the reason, don't suffer - come and see us.

We can help everyday problems - from sprains and strains to stress and sciatica

Side view of musculature