Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Treatment

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Getting the right treatment is crucial and what's right for you will vary, depending on what's wrong! We will only recommend a course of action after a proper diagnosis. Sometimes you'll need a combination of treatments and sometimes just the one.

With all of our clients, whatever the problem, our goal is to help you get better and then stay better by providing both immediate treatment and long-term prevention advice.

Manual therapy

Manual therapy is the manipulation or mobilisation of joints and soft tissue - this requires a 'hands-on' approach to get those stiff bits moving.

It also often involves an individually tailored exercise program for you to follow at home to help progress your recovery, strengthen and stretch weak muscles, and get you moving better. If appropriate, strapping, taping or a supportive brace might be helpful to protect you, to reduce pain and to give you confidence as you return to normal activity or sport.

All sorts of pains - in the leg, knee, foot and elsewhere - can be caused by poor positioning of the foot and leg and we can provide fitted insoles for shoes (orthotics) that correct your posture invisibly.


Exercise in our warm hydrotheraphy pool helps to increase mobility and strength. The buoyancy of the water means the weight and strain on the joints is reduced, which makes movements easier. The warm water helps the muscles to function better.

It is an ideal treatment both pre- and post-operation, and for improving general strength and mobility. Hydrotheraphy can also be effective in the treatment of arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, sciatica, back pain, and aching muscles and joints.

We can help everyday problems - from sprains and strains to stress and sciatica

Full mobility!